Propane System Leak Check

A leak check must be done on any new system.
During installation of gas lines, a pressure check is required.
A pressure check must be performed when you are connecting a new installment of underground gas lines, or when a gas line has been disconnected or damaged.
If the tank is empty upon delivery, a leak check must be performed.
If the odor of propane is present, a leak check is required.

Demmer Oil will:

  • New customers must have a leak check done before delivery, including updating regulators if needed.
  • Completely inspect Propane System.
  • Regulators are required to be less than 25 years of age.
    Regulators over 25 years must be replaced.

Like every other reputable oil company, Demmer Oil is required by our insurance carrier to provide a full system leak check every 8 years.

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