Premium Diesel from Demmer Oil Company provides outstanding performance & benefits.
Today’s sophisticated diesel engines depend on a superior grade of diesel fuel for maximum fuel economy, power and emission control. 

Benefits of Premium Diesel include:

  • Reduces downtime and costly repairs

  • Improves Fuel Economy

Light Duty up to 13.6% / Heavy Duty up to 7.5%

Reduced Black Smoke 30% * / Reduced Particulates 39% *

  • Increases Power

  • Boosts Lubricity

Low sulfur/aromatic diesel fuel can cause premature wear and scuffing of pumps and injectors. Wear that can lead to premature failure and expensive repairs.

  • Extends Life

  • Protection against Oxidation

  • Longer Filter Life

  • Maintains fuel stability

Fuel stability is essential to prevent formation of insolubles and sludge, formed by high engine temperatures and extended storage. These insolubles plug filters and injectors. 


  • Provided quicker, more efficient starts (especially in cold Iowa winters)

  • Reduces Maintenance Costs

  • Controls Water and Moisture

Water is always present in diesel fuel. It causes corrosion, sludge, filter plugging and icing in winter.


  • Prevents Fuel/Water Emulsions

  • Prevents Sludge

  • Reduces Rust & Corrosion

  • Cleans Up and Prevents Injector Fouling

Injector deposit build-up can cause poor injector spray patterns that reduces engine performance. 

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